2D Graphics & Animation
This track covers 2-dimensional graphics and animation tutorials: raster, vector and free hand-drawn objects.
This track will help you to learn the basic to advance level on filmography.
This will help someone to learn the basic of photography and the use.
Kdenlive Video Editing Software
Learn how to use Kdenlive Video Editing Software.
Learn about the ADDIE Instructional Design Methodology...
3D Priniting and Blender
Learn to create, model and animate 3D objects with blender. We got all blender keyboard shortcut keys and their functions to make it easy for you to get started.
The learner get to know what is synfig and what it contains.
Introduction to 3D Printing
Learn to setup your 3D printing environment: installing slicer, printrun and g-code software. Also; learn how calibration and stereolithography are done.
Web development
Start knowing how browsers and web sites work.
Graphic design
The learner will get the basic introduction on graphic design.
Creating Swagpaths
This swagpath shows you how to create swagpaths for others to follow.
This track contains 10 more swagpath(s) beyond your current level.

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